Programs & Services

The American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens (AFP&CC) offers a number of programs and services that support the law enforcement community and specifically the surviving families of officers killed in the line of duty.

Emergency Financial
Assistance Program

     When the surviving family members of an officer killed in the line of duty first begin to deal with the dreadful news of losing their parent, child, sibling or spouse, the pain and anguish can be overwhelming. While it is impossible to eliminate the heartache that these family survivors feel, AFP&CC helps to alleviate some of the financial concerns by immediately sending a $1,500 check to the loved ones of the fallen officer. This financial support allows the bereaved families to focus on grieving, and eventually, healing.

Grief Counseling Grants

     Nearly every day, AFP&CC receives a phone call, sees a news report or opens a personal letter and learns of an other fallen hero who has sacrificed his or her life in the line of duty somewhere in the United States. As heart wrenching as this news is for our organization, it is even more devastating to the fallen officerís family and loved ones. The sorrow can be unmanageable and the grief overpowering for spouses, children, siblings and parents. AFP&CC helps to ease the suffering of survivor families by funding professional counseling on an as needed basis to allow the survivors to cope with their pain.

Peace Officers Memorial Day Program

     For the survivor families of fallen officers, the grieving processis never complete and the loss of their loved one is never forgotten. To honor the memory of policemen and policewomen killed in the line of duty and to offer a forum for mourning families to come together for support, AFP&CC created a Peace Officers Memorial Day Program. This annual event, held on May 15th, pays tribute to over 8,000 fallen heroes and provides survivor families with a unique opportunity to develop a special bond.

Summer Camp Program

     The sons and daughters of fallen officers are forced to deal with the devastation and sorrow of losing a parent at ayoung age. Small joys like friends, fun and favorite activities can bring light back into the lives of these children who have endured so much pain. The AFP&CC Summer Camp Program offers these sons and daughters $100 per week for a maximum of two weeks per child, to be used for summer camp tuition at the camp of their choice. AFP&CC offers this opportunity to hundreds of children each year and with further support from major donors hopes to increase the amount of support available.

The American Police Hall
of Fame and Museum

     As the oldest and largest museum of its kind, The American Police Hall of Fame and Museum is a 50,000 square foot facility that stands at the gateway to the Kennedy Space Center as a Memorialt o more than 8,000 police officers who sacrificed their lives to bring law and order to hometowns across America. Every year the museum welcomes thousands of police family survivors, school children, and visitors from around the world. 
     The Museum contains more than 11,500 police artifacts, exhibits, interactive displays, training facilities, and an interdenominational chapel dedicated to the late Chief Gerald Arenberg (1930-2000). Today, the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum also houses hallowed World Trade Center structural beams and portions of the aircraft that collapsed the buildings on 9/11/01.
     Inside the American PoliceHall of Fame, there is a place of honor for police officers slain in the line of duty and a place of healing for the surviving children and families. This magnificent tribute of over 400 tons of beautiful matching white Italian marble proudly displays the name, rank, city and state of thousands of heroic police officers killed in theline of duty since the organizationís inception in 1960.

Motherís and Father's Day Program

     The parents of fallen officers experience unimaginable sadness when they are forced to say goodbye to theirs on or daughter too soon. This sorrow can never be forgotten or overcome, which is why AFP&CC remembers the surviving parents each year on Motherís and Fatherís Days by sending a card and small memento to be held as a keepsake. This gesture reminds parents that they are not alone in their grief and recognizes their loss, bringing comfort on what is often a difficult day.

Flowers of Remembrance Program

     In addition to parents, children, spouses and siblings,  officers killed in the line of duty leave behind another type of family Ė their fellow officers.The death of an officer is not just the death of a friend, but also a chilling reminder of the danger and sacrifice associated with law enforcement. AFP&CC understands that the loss of a fellow officer deeply affects the entire department. Each year the organization sends each police department that lost an officer in the line of duty the prior year a personally designed bouquet of remembrance on the anniversary of the officerís death to honor the fallen hero and to acknowledge the personal affect the loss has on fellow officers.