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NACOP's Mission Statement

    The mission of the National Association of Chiefs of Police is to:

    (1) encourage through the leadership of persons who hold a command law enforcement or security position within the United States and her territories and possessions, educational activities and services to upgrade law enforcement and security on a professional level.

    (2) assist paralyzed and/or injured officers in the field through education, supplementary assistance where the need is greatest, and encouragement.

    (3) maintain and perpetuate the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum for the purpose of honoring those officers who have died in the line of duty in the United States of America and its territories and possessions.

    (4) house a museum of law enforcement artifacts for public display to promote law enforcement and understanding of the problems in law enforcement day to day.

    (5) promote Peace Officers Week and Peace Officers Memorial Day as enacted by the Congress for the week of May 15th each year.

    (6) encourage a free exchange of information between men and women presently engaged in law enforcement, reserves, security, etc., through publications, meetings, regional training, research endeavors, films and study courses.

    (7) recognize and encourage citizens and law enforcement officers for their community deeds of bravery and valor through the medium of an awards program.

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