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•More than 100,000 Members Nationwide
•35 Years of Service
•Non-profit, tax exempt and educational by charter
•Every patriotic crime-fighting American should join!  While many full and part-time officers are members; we seek additional assistance from citizens as part of our Civil Defense Program
•Support of the Second Amendment which provides for a strong home defense

Police Officers, Security Officers and citizens have come to realize that to make our communities safe we need each other's support.  Alone there is little one person can do, but as a member of AFP, we are a powerful, crime-fighting organization.
Membership is not only your guide to a confident and secure society, it is also your passport to many services.

What We Stand for:
1. We are a strong, powerful and professional organization on the side of law enforcement.
2. We believe that all law-abiding citizens have the right (if they so select), to own firearms for self-defense and sport.  We are also ready to serve as a standing "militia" during any disaster or national emergency, as part of civil defense preparedness.
3. We support swift punishment for career criminals.
4. We favor the death penalty and are determined to achieve drug-free schools and communities.
5. We believe that victims of crime are entitled to recompense for damages and lost wages.

Who We Are:
 We are tax exempt, non-profit and educational (by charter) with more than 100,000 members from police, security and citizens' groups.  We are an association of men and women from all parts of the United States who understand that we all stand a better chance of winning the "war on crime" as part of a team.  Police and citizens together...thus a Federation.

• ACTIVE MEMBERS are provided all the benefits listed in this brochure.  Dues are $36 a year (About 9˘ per day).
• ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are individuals who have selected certain reduced benefits and publications.  Dues are $20 per year.

Financial Information