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    Early in American history persons who committed minor crimes were placed in the town square with their heads and hands bound by the wooden holes. These are made oversized so that you might have a photo taken. However, the victim would often be pegged with eggs or stones or beaten by the towns people. In some cases they were left to languish and die from being in the weather in that particular area. Whips and canes were used to add to the punishment.

     Other prisoners were kept bound only by their feet on a stool and sat in the public square with a sign stating their type of crime. These were the early "jails" of our forefathers. If the crime was that of a more serious nature the prisoner, would be hanged, burned alive or shot. In early times the fact that you simply stole a loaf of bread was a capitol crime that called for death. Stealing a mans horse or other property called for hanging. Later jails were built to punish offenders in the hope that they would mend their ways.