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Family Fund For Paralyzed And Disabled
Police Officers Expands Program Parameters;
Offers College Scholarships To Sons And Daughters Of Severely Disabled Police

Officer Thomas Porter, Outreach Chairman of the Family fund for Paralyzed and Disabled Police Officer has announced an expansion of the educational scholarship fund which has been a major program accomplishment of NACOP for a number of years. “I am pleased to announce that effective immediately any college-bound son or daughter of an officer that has been severely disabled in the line of duty will be eligible for a scholarship from NACOP in the amount of $500 per year to a maximum of four years”, said Officer Porter, who is wheelchair-bound as a result of a catastrophic line-of-duty injury. “The son or daughter of the disabled officer must complete a simple form available from NACOP headquarters and provide proof of college acceptance. The disabled officer then signs a statement which must be notarized as the extent of disability (which must be 50% or greater to quality for the program). The one-page form is submitted to Jim Gordon, who serves as volunteer chairman of the scholarship program, and following verification, a check is issued to the student and is sent via first class mail”, said Porter. Gordon, who is Executive Editor of THE CHIEF OF POLICE stated, “We really have to thank the generous donors to NACOP’s Family Fund for Paralyzed and Disabled Officers for being able to expand the program. I have always regretted the occasion when we were able to help the disabled officer himself, but not reach out to his or her college-bound kids. Now it will be a pleasure to answer the phone with a “Yes...NACOP can help!!!. The application for college scholarship is available by writing NACOP COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, 6350 Horizon Dr., Titusville, FL 32780.