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The American Police Hall of Fame & Museum

The American Police Hall of Fame & Museum, founded in 1960, is the nation’s first national law enforcement museum and memorial dedicated to officers killed in the line of duty.

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The Museum

The Museum, through interactive displays, simulators and nearly 11,000 artifacts, educates the public about the history and current trends in American law enforcement. Students can learn about safety, science, forensics and so much more!


The Memorial

The Memorial lists over 10,300 officers who were killed in the line of duty. Their names are permanently etched on the Memorial’s walls. Names are added to the wall once a year prior to Law Enforcement Memorial Day.


Police Week

During Police Week, we host thousands of police officers, family survivors and dignitaries. Our annual memorial service is a somber reminder that every 57 hours somewhere in the United States a police officer is killed in the line of duty .


Visit the Museum

Visit the museum and explore a collection of historic and futuristic police cars. Or you can have your picture taken in a replica electric chair or behind the bars of a realistic prison cell. You can find out how law enforcement agencies do their forensic investigations and how crime scenes are analyzed.


Not Just A Museum

Through our state-of-the-art simulator, our safety classes, and personal protection training, we help civilians not only learn to practice situational awareness and become safe, responsible citizens, but we also help them to see the split-second decision-making and discernment that law enforcement officers must exercise daily.


Supporting Law Enforcement

We also provide law enforcement training, a national awards program, a K9 Memorial, and a state-of-the-art 24 lane indoor gun range which is open to the public six days a week.



We welcome the families of fallen and disabled officers year after year, over the long haul. We love them, appreciate their sacrifice and work to make their lives better.


Award Program

The American Police Hall of Fame National Awards Program was started more then 40 years ago to fill the void of recognition for worthy American law enforcement officers. 


You Can Help

You can help us in this vital visiting the museum, donating, spreading the word or just thanking your local law enforcement agency and officers.

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