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Celebrating a Partnership with VisualEdge IT


To David Ramos and our friends at VisualEdge IT.   I applaud you for the hard work you do to drive change and scale your impact in the IT sector. Congratulations on your continuing growth and success!  I am learning from
your lead, as you embrace and apply best business practices towards your strategic vision and growth.  We, too, are busy growing and scaling our impact nationally, in the lives of law enforcement officers and the
communities they serve.

We look forward to exploring ways we might strengthen our mutual partnership.  I invite you to visit our campus when you are in the area, and allow me to share how we are connecting more people to the heart and
humanity of law enforcement.

Every day I am humbled by the men and women who serve and guard our communities, and we really cannot do enough to honor them.  I consider it my sacred duty to do everything we can to support them.

Thank you for your noble leadership and support of our work.

Barry Shepherd, CEO
American Police Hall of Fame 

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For more information contact Janey Hicks at

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